[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 10, 2023]  Connors Group, a leading management consultancy specializing in workforce performance and productivity improvement, is proud to announce the launch of its new 3PL Practice. With a mission to redefine how 3PL providers and their customers operate, Connors Group’s comprehensive offerings add value to every phase of their relationship.

“At Connors Group, our services cater to 3PL providers and their customers. Our comprehensive offerings drive value over the entire life cycle of a 3PL-customer relationship – from initial 3PL selection through implementation and future ongoing continuous improvement efforts,” says Jeff Peretin, CEO of Connors Group.

To enhance the performance and productivity of 3PL operations, Connors Group customizes and streamlines labor-management programs, ensuring seamless alignment with customer contracts. This approach delivers instant value and long-term operational improvements.

” Labor is the most expensive asset to a 3PL. With our experienced team of engineers and known expertise around all things labor – Connors Group is at the center of solutions that drive enduring and fruitful customer/3PL partnerships,” adds Shawn Roche, VP of Supply Chain Practice at Connors Group.

Connors Group’s portfolio of 3PL solutions includes:

“Connors Group’s new 3PL Practice is set to revolutionize the supply chain industry. We are known advisors in the labor-management space, and most 3PLs, when you boil it down, are labor-management companies, too. Our tailored solutions provide a solid foundation for mutual success while paving the way for future improvements and innovation,” says Andy Hunter, Connors Group’s recently hired Supply Chain and Logistics Expert.

Andy Hunter, Senior Director of Supply Chain Practice at Connors Group, brings over a decade of unparalleled expertise. With a strong supply chain and operations management foundation, Andy’s career spans from leading large-scale teams at FedEx Supply Chain to overseeing new facility startups across North America. 

To learn more about Connors Group’s 3PL Practice and explore opportunities to enhance new or existing 3PL environments visit Connors Group 3PL Solutions or call (800) 813-7028.

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Connors Group is a leading provider of productivity and operational improvement solutions, helping clients improve their efficiency through its continuous improvement, performance management, and WFM system implementation services.  The firm builds upon and honors the legacy of H. B. Maynard’s success in Industrial Engineering and Lean business practices to deliver on-time and on-budget world-class solutions that drive sales and profitability. 

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