Call Center Management & Productivity Solutions

Connors Group is your solution for revolutionizing call center operations, offering comprehensive services to boost efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our unique blend of labor productivity, process improvement, and customer service design expertise positions us as leaders in operational excellence for call centers.

Connors Group provides expert solutions to optimize call center efficiency & customer experience.

Explore our call center improvement services built on insights that have been proven successful across varying industries and organizational structures:

Maximize Workforce Efficiency with a Labor Productivity Assessment

Starting with a thorough assessment of your current call center experience and technology, we devise a strategic improvement roadmap. This essential first step lays the foundation for notable enhancements in your call center’s performance.

Key Outcomes

A detailed plan for optimizing on-call utilization and improving first call resolution with improved CTI and UI enhancements.

Streamline Your Processes for Peak Performance

Our process improvement strategies are based on proven operational best practices. We refine customer call flows to increase on-call efficiency and improve the work environment, leading to tangible reduced call handle time and improved first call resolution .

Key Outcomes

Optimized call center operations with reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Achieve Perfect Harmony with Workload Balancing

We skillfully balance labor demand, addressing staffing bottlenecks during peak call demand periods and ensuring a decrease in average speed to answer.. This approach is vital to minimizing your overall customer wait time in queue and reduce call abandonment rate.

Key Outcomes

Efficiently balanced call flows through skill based routings at an optimal labor utilization.

Strategic Workforce Management for Exceptional Customer Experiences

From developing labor standards to refining payroll models, we construct a comprehensive labor management strategy. This framework is designed to optimize your labor budget and improve customer experiences.

Key Outcomes

A strategic workforce plan that maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Proven Engineered Labor Standards with LaborPro™

Leveraging our LaborPro™ software, we establish precise labor standards, integrating industry best practices tailored to your unique business requirements.

Key Outcomes

Enhanced operational efficiency and precision in labor management.

Lean Management for Sustainable Operational Excellence

Combining Lean management principles with classical Industrial Engineering, we focus on waste elimination and long-term improvements, ensuring your operations stay lean and efficient.

Key Outcomes

A strategic workforce plan that maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Training for Sustained Productivity

Our training programs are designed with productivity in mind. We focus on equipping your staff with the skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively, leveraging the latest educational methodologies and tools.

Key Outcomes

Empowered employees who are equipped to handle a variety of customer interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Why Choose Connors Group?

Our wide-ranging expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to your call center’s challenges, offering solutions that deliver real results. We recognize the unique nature of each call center and provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. From initial consultation to implementation, Connors Group is committed to your call center’s lasting success.

  • Proven Industrial Engineering Expertise: Our solutions are grounded in decades of industrial engineering experience, ensuring you receive theoretical knowledge and practical, actionable strategies.


  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each call center is unique. Our approach is tailored to meet your operation’s specific needs and challenges.

  • Comprehensive Support: From initial assessment to implementation and beyond, we provide ongoing support to ensure long-term success.

Transform Your Call Center Today

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