Key Case Studies

Connors Group collaborates with clients to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and boost overall productivity. Explore the tangible impact of our work across various industries and workplaces.

Get to Know Our Work in Action

Founded in 2008, Connors Group specializes in optimizing retail, manufacturing, supply chain, and service industry productivity and profits. We achieve this through a holistic combination of consulting, implementation, training, and software solutions, all designed to drive unparalleled operational improvements and deliver measurable results for our clients. 

We have worked with hundreds of organizations around the world, from small start-ups to the largest global employers. Below are some unique case studies demonstrating the distinct change and ROI our workforce engineering and productivity solutions deliver.

A Better Wegmans Checkout

Wegmans, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and service, has collaborated with leading business engineering consultancy Connors Group to transform the customer checkout experience for their recently opened Manhattan location. The store posed unique challenges, mainly limited space and high customer counts.

Targeted Healthcare Solutions

Discover how Connors Group revolutionized the operational efficiency of a nationwide network of over 100 clinics using a strategic blend of the Toyota Production System and lean management principles. By optimizing standard operating procedures, the initiative enhanced patient communication and data handling, significantly reduced costs, and eliminated backlogs.

Improving Retail Strategies

Explore how Connors Group transformed the customer experience for an international athleisure retailer in APAC with a groundbreaking labor model. The new system leveraged artificial intelligence to optimize staff allocation, enhance guest service, meet local expectations, and improve sales. This strategic overhaul provided deep insights into customer behavior and staff efficiency.

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