Increased Sales with Shift
in Labor Allocation

Client’s Name

Home Furnishing Retailer

The Client

The client is an international brick-and-mortar retail operation specializing in home furnishings and accessories. In addition to e-commerce, stores are expansive, featuring vast inspirational showrooms, a dining area, and a self-serve product selection area.

The Objective

While each storefront of the global retailer provided the same aesthetic and offerings, operations and employee management varied significantly from store to store, possibly impacting productivity and efficiency.

The client retained Connors Group to study, analyze, measure, and improve the company’s workforce performance. But, Connors Group was able to offer much more.

The Discovery

For about four months, Connors Group spent close to 300 hours sampling and studying the purchase paths of more than 300 customers among six stores. After extensive analysis, including time and motion studies, Connors Group determined that a portion of the labor model could be more efficient, but the retailer also had a massive opportunity to increase sales revenue.

The Solution

Connors Group recommended that the client improve productivity by centralizing workforce management (WFM) systems. While the client already had WFM in place, Connors Group crafted a strategy to assist the client in better implementation.

The client could reduce labor by nearly 10 percent with task execution remaining efficient. Instead of eliminating labor, Connors Group developed a strategy for the client to reallocate labor efforts toward the customer experience, resulting in increased sales and larger baskets.

Driving Ahead

The client turned to Connors Group for their expertise in WFM and engineered standards, but they also received an excellent strategy and opportunity to improve the customer experience, which could result in millions of dollars in increased sales revenue.

Connors Group’s work with the client continues as they lead the retailer through the recommended adjustments.