Connors Group: Pioneers in Warehouse Management Solutions

Established in 2008, Connors Group has become a leader in enhancing productivity across retail, manufacturing, and supply chains. Our approach integrates Consulting, Training, and Software to deliver significant operational improvements. Our global experience spans many businesses, from emerging startups to some of the world’s largest corporations. Our diverse team, over 180 strong, blends Industrial Engineers, Industry Executives, Workforce Management Specialists, and Professional Trainers. This rich mix of expertise ensures that our clients receive unparalleled support in extracting maximum value from their labour and capital investments.

Our Services

We tailor our Warehouse & Labour Management System solutions to meet your specific needs, focusing on reducing overheads by eliminating inefficiencies and fostering a balanced and fair workforce culture. Here’s an overview of our services:

  • Engineered Labour Standards Development: Recognised globally, we use our cloud-based software, LaborPro™, to set accurate, sustainable standards that underpin your ongoing improvement and labour management initiatives.

  • Full-Scale Labour Management Implementation: We expertly manage every phase of Labour Management, Workforce Management, and Task Management system implementations. Beyond the technology itself, we offer project management, staff augmentation, training, and ROI assessments to ensure a smooth lifecycle from start to finish.

  • Optimisation of Rosters: Beyond simple volume forecasts, we develop rostering
    solutions that consider the nature of activities, ensuring a more refined approach to workforce management.

  • Warehouse Mapping: Utilising an XYZ mapping approach, we assign precise travel times for different warehouse machinery, enhancing the accuracy of Engineered Labour Standards.

  • Warehouse Machine Speed Calibration: By measuring the operational speeds of
    warehouse machinery, we ensure Labour Management systems reflect the most accurate travel times for associates’ tasks.

  • Volume Drivers and Units of Measure: Through validating and refining these metrics, we enhance the precision of labour standards and system customisations.

  • Activity Measurement Using MOST: This predetermined time and motion system allows for precise measurement of warehouse tasks, laying the groundwork for customised labour standards.

  • Variable Analysis and LMS Customisation: We examine factors such as racking type, case size and weight, and handling difficulty, allowing for further refinement of labour standards.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Alignment: Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts, we ensure SOPs are in sync with timing standards, fostering unity and buy-in among all warehouse personnel.

  • Training Program (OPTIMIZE): Our comprehensive training for supervisors and
    associates facilitates the successful implementation of new systems, driving change management and long-term sustainability.

  • Staffing Analysis and Shift Optimisation: Before making shift adjustments, we validate staffing needs based on activity, exploring opportunities for more flexible shift lengths and volume-based staffing levels.

Our unique combination of logistical, industrial engineering, and workforce management expertise delivers a robust solution that significantly enhances staff utilisation. Our methods have led to quick and sustained wins for retailers and supply chain clients worldwide.

With a 725% ROI across more than 1000 projects, Connors Group demonstrates its capability to significantly enhance warehouse operations. Our approach combines logistical expertise, industrial engineering, and workforce management to tailor solutions that boost productivity and efficiency. We address each client’s unique challenges by leveraging advanced technology, targeted training, and customised strategies.

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