Customer Journey

Connors Group provides insights into how store employees are spending their time and how they’re interacting with customers.  These insights are then crafted into actionable strategies that improve top-line sales and the customer experience.

We conduct Customer Service and Experience Studies that catalogue the shopping experience your customer is actually experiencing today and compare the results to industry best-in-class. The customer journey study process gathers data on customers from the entry into your operation, while shopping, during service and through to exit. We note the service and experience triggers that yield optimal results for conversion, increased basket size, and higher sales. Using these results, we can reallocate labor to maximize labor productivity and develop tailored employee training programs to coach on the best sales-driving behaviors.

Understanding the customer experience is only half the story. Find out how team members are spending their time, how they’re interacting with customers and ways to improve both. Most importantly, learn how store team behaviors impact time in-store, conversion rates, and units per transaction.

In non-retail industries, we apply a similar technique that documents labor efforts to serve patients or perform tasks to make improvements in services industries, such as healthcare, or in non-customer facing industries such as manufacturing and distribution.

Sales Productivity

We determine the right space allocation and inventory levels based on sales productivity, capacity modeling, supply chain and inventory analysis. We study customer flow and fixture productivity to optimize sales. Learn more.

Store & Space Design

We help clients maximize operational productivity with an engineered approach that reduces wasted motion and space.  We use empirical data from your stores to optimize backroom layouts, register counts, customer queues, and other non-selling store areas Learn more.

Workflow Design

Efficiency is core to running a productive operation. Understanding how the labor should work and product should move through your facility is part art and part science. Our industry experts have decades of experience optimizing workflow and generating positive throughput to improve your top and bottom lines. Learn more.

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