Distribution Consulting

Connors Group develops efficient, cost-efficient and seamless distribution processes for your business by adopting lean processes and sustainable approaches that guarantee cost reduction and employee productivity.

Take your warehouse and distribution center to a new level of productivity with expert guidance from Connors Group distribution consulting services. We have the knowledge and insight to optimize your distribution system and deliver better service as you deliver peak performance and create avenues for growth and profitability.

Focus Areas

Warehouse Operations Management

We help clients maximize operational productivity with an engineered approach that reduces wasted motion and space.  We use empirical data in our consultation for retail and distribution businesses.

Inventory Management & Optimization

We determine the right space allocation and inventory levels based on sales productivity, capacity modeling, supply chain and inventory analysis. We study customer flow and fixture productivity to optimize sales.

Connors Group distribution consulting designs efficiency into distribution and fulfillment operations to ensure you consistently meet customer demands.

Distribution Center Management

Understanding how product should move through a distribution center is part art and part science. Our experts have decades of experience optimizing distribution flow and maximizing throughput. Services include: waving optimization, value stream mapping, simulation and throughput analysis.

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