Engineered Labor Standards Software

Make your Labor Management tasks easier with LaborPro. Track labor costs and manage all workforce modalities with our ELS software powered by advanced technology and years of our consultants’ expertise and industry experience.

LaborPro makes all labor management responsibilities easier to manage. Organize and facilitate all labor models, processes and deliverables expertly using Labor Pro. This adaptable, flexible and easy-to-use engineered labor standards solution helps you achieve measurable growth, profitability, efficiency and seamless culture change.

Why Labor Pro?

LaborPro is the most productive and efficient low-cost workforce optimization solution available.

LaborPro is flexible and adaptable across industries and simplifies labor allocation and optimization, resulting in higher productivity levels, better customer service and increased profits.

LaborPro provides a unique, customizable, enterprise-wide management solution for businesses.

LaborPro offers a best-in-class approach to complex global labor compliance management. It is proven to save money and time and improve accuracy.

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