Connors Group implements sustainable process improvement strategies and Lean principles to reduce costs and allow healthcare professionals to spend more time on patient care.

With Lean principles at the core of our services, Connors Group helps improve patient and business outcomes while reducing the cost of care. We offer decades of industry-related experience and have assisted hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies and health insurance providers in improving patient experience, internal processes, team member engagement and profitability.

Patient Experience Outcomes

Receive insights and analysis of how healthcare practitioners and support staff spend their time, how they interact with patients, and strategies to improve the patient experience.

Lean Design and Implementation Training

After comprehensively analyzing a healthcare facility’s workflows, Connors Group delivers and implements standard operating procedures (SOPs) that increase efficiency and throughput.

Labor Management Training

A healthcare service provider, whether a hospital, surgical center or pharmacy, is as good as its people. Success is most achievable when employees feel fulfilled and supported. Connors Group delivers people-centric training to improve and sustain company efficiency and morale.

Optimize™ Performance Management

Today’s healthcare supervisor needs to dynamically lead, understand IT systems, interpret results, identify root causes, analyze variances and effectively coach. Our OPTIMIZE™ Performance Management training provides the skills needed to succeed and to OPTIMIZE™ workforce performance.

Engineered Labor Standards

Connors Group combines a deep understanding of your business, the latest technology, and best-in-class tools and techniques to develop accurate, easily maintained and customized engineered labor standards designed to increase productivity and improve patient care.

Customer Success Study

The Challenge

Strategic Insight

Results Highlights

The client needed optimized Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) across the network to improve communication among centers, improve the patient experience and reduce expenses. A critical component of onboarding patients for the client involves obtaining previous medical records. A central team completed requests for these records, but with more than 20,000 requests a month, the client needed to improve efficiency to drive increased throughput.

The various centers used non-standardized communication tools and processes among the centers and medical records agents, resulting in dormant record requests and inefficiencies across the company. After clinical surveys, observations, a review of the company’s current state, and interviews with stakeholders, Connors Group determined it was necessary to develop SOPs and job aids for improved workflow and efficiency.

With the improved workflow, data management and staffing, the client experienced the following:

  • Decreased cost per referral from $5.65 in January to $4.11 in December.
  • Improved headcount from 128 budgeted to 90 required.
  • Increased output weekly (per FTE) from 150 in January to 202 in December. 


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