Human Capital

Connors Group consultants use a variety of tools and techniques from years of experience in your industry to guide efforts that improve processes, while engaging employees to ensure optimal business results are achieved.

Our human capital consulting services include a variety of standard and custom training programs, labor management strategy guidance and OPTIMIZETM performance management classes.  The aim of these programs is to help your employees reach their fullest potential (making them productive and fulfilled in their work) while improving their economic value to your company (and thus, your profitability).

Labor Management

From labor standards to payroll modeling, we help organizations develop and implement a comprehensive labor management strategy. Regardless of your payroll system and scheduling approach, we can help you optimize your labor budget and organizational structure to deliver peak performance.

Workforce Management Systems

Connors Group is an expert in implementing and upgrading all of today’s Workforce Management Systems.  Our decades of experience leading system implementations, coupled with our unmatched industry experience, help you maximize the effectiveness of these solutions, while staying in compliance with today’s rapidly changing labor laws.

Organization Design

Optimizing the structure of your field and corporate leadership teams is critical to an effective business. Connors Group will develop the organizational structure, responsibilities, and metrics to enable peak operational performance. 


Connors Group delivers effective, lasting outcomes through our people-centric, world-class learning experiences that enable both positive business growth and personal success. We help you develop your competitive advantage—your people. Learn more.

Performance Management

OPTIMIZETM trains participants to understand and use engineered labor standards as a tool for managing performance. In this interactive training program, participants learn to evaluate conditions needed for workers’ success, using visual strategies to guide, correct, evaluate and motivate error-free performance.

Labor Productivity Assessment

Unlocking the true potential of your workforce starts by understanding their current baseline productivity. We have a proven, engineered approach to assess productivity from which we develop a detailed improvement roadmap that helps achieve high performance.

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Let us customize a project to improve your financial health and employee satisfaction!

“Connors Group exceeded all expectations during our engagement. They identified areas of opportunity that will set our course for years to come. The team’s professionalism and genuine partnership are unparalleled in the industry.”

Lane Bryant, Senior Director, Marketing