Industrial Engineering Consulting

Connors Group provides Industrial Engineering services that help companies facilitate process improvement, attain optimal operational efficiency and improve employee productivity. We also incorporate asset and resource optimization into our step-by-step process to help your organization save costs and reduce waste.

We are Industrial Engineering service experts helping businesses like yours take control of your production processes and minimize waste and loss. Our Industrial Engineering services deliver effective resource and labor management labor, with an operational workflow that works just for you.

How to Turn Process Compliance Pitfalls Into Process Improvements

Focus Areas

Industrial Management

Connors Group focuses on your key business drivers, marrying them with our leading cloud-based software, LaborPro. The outcome is accurate, best-in-class engineered labor standards rooted in industry best practices from the leader in industrial engineering services.

Production Engineering

Lean Manufacturing implementations fall short in waste elimination goals because Lean process and the discipline needed to succeed is misunderstood. Our industrial engineering consulting services include Lean Manufacturing and classical Industrial Engineering techniques – a unique blend that helps create sustainable improvement.

Industrial Safety Management

Keeping your work environment accident free keeps employees safe and work schedules on time. Connors Group experts can help not only boost morale but keep productivity on track.

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industrial engineering consulting

Proven expertise and competence managing operational workflow

industrial engineering consulting

Detailed and practical implementation plans

industrial engineering consulting

Experienced and highly qualified consultants

industrial engineering consulting

Global standard management advisory services

industrial engineering consulting

Responsive communication and client support system

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