Manage employee activities with Kronos consulting from Connors Group.

Tune up your UKG system. Assess employee performance, regulate staff absence and manage advanced scheduling with Connors Group’s Kronos upgrade.

Connors Group’s WFM and Task Management System Implementation helps to optimize Labor Management and keep your team running smoothly.  We’ll help you transition to newer, more reliable WFM systems that keep your team running with no hassles.

WFM & Task Management System Implementation

Connors Group is an expert in implementing all of today’s WFM and Task Management systems.  Our decades of experience leading system implementations, coupled with our unmatched industry experience, help you maximize the value from your software investment and ensure its adoption by your employees.

System Tune-Ups & Reconfigurations

Business is changing fast today and most WFM systems configurations are not keeping up.  Connors Group can quickly identify where your WFM system is in need of a tune-up and reconfigure your system to ensure you are realizing maximum value from your investment. 

System Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintaining and upgrading today’s WFM and Task Management systems can be challenging.   Connors Group can take responsibility for maintaining and upgrading your system, allowing your resources to focus on more value-added activities.

Project Management & Staff Augmentation

Implementing a WFM or Task Management system can be an intimidating initiative to undertake.  Connors Group’s team of experts can support your implementation by providing Project Management guidance or technical experts to augment your internal staff.

Business Case Analysis

The decision to replace your existing system or implement a system for the first time is a critical choice for any organization.  Connors Group can help you evaluate the benefits, costs and risks associated with this decision to ensure the best choice is made for your organization. 

End-User Training

The success of a WFM or Task Management system is measured by how well the technology is adopted by the end-users.  Connors Group has a library of end-user training, ranging from interactive eLearnings to quick reference guides that can be deployed to ensure full adoption by your end-users.

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Efficient employee tracking

How to put the Omni in your Omnichannel webinar

Provides analysis for informed decision making

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Real Time monitoring of employee activities

Effective management of staff requirements

How to put the Omni in your Omnichannel webinar

Simplifies Labor Management

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How to Choose & Implement Workforce Management Systems

Choosing and implementing a workforce management system is crucial for organizations of all sizes and industries. A good system can help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.