Labor Management Software

LaborPro, our Labor Management Software, helps you maximize value from your workforce, workflows, and other organizational assets through systematic tracking, analysis and optimization of your processes.

At Connors Group, we understand the challenges of managing large and complex labor models, especially for corporations that coordinate global-scale operations. With LaborPro, our best-in-class Labor Management Software, you can enjoy a stronger, more reliable, flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use management system that improves productivity and workforce efficiency.

Why Choose LaborPro?

engineered labor standards software

LaborPro delivers all the features you need to manage compliance, reduce compliance risks, costs and productivity barriers, and increase revenue.

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LaborPro helps you save time and money in meeting your national or industry-regulated labor laws and obligations through flexible design, scalability, security, and adaptability.

labor management software

LaborPro gives your managers, executives and HR personnel the support they need for effective labor management in a simple, flexible and intuitive interface.

labor management software

With LaborPro, you can track, control and organize all labor-related commitments and communication without hassles.

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