Labor Modeling Made Simple with LaborPro

Operators and workforce management leaders know the only thing that stays the same is that something will change. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to learn, adapt, and evolve quickly. When it comes to labor models, they need a tool that can keep up with their busy ever-changing schedule. 

LaborPro, by Connors Group, is an easy-to-use, fast, and reliable engineered labor standards system that allows users to manage large, dynamic, and complex labor models. It is designed with operators, workforce management leaders, and engineers in mind and is proven to cut labor standards development time by over 50%.

The real value of LaborPro comes when you start to drill down and view the individual layers of the labor model. Starting with a high-level overview of a grocery store for example, when you open a store in LaborPro, the user initially sees all the departments and the number of hours each department consumes. The larger the block the more hours the department consumes. By viewing the departments as blocks it’s easy to determine where industrial engineering and continuous improvement efforts need to be directed or what department needs more attention.

Next, click into an individual department, such as front end, to view even more detail about the activities that happen in that department and their associated labor consumption. Again, a user sees the amount of time each activity takes represented by a block. The larger the block the more time is being consumed.

Click one more time on an activity and the user now sees the individual steps and time components that go into completing the activity. For a regular checkout, a customer is greeted, their loyalty card is scanned, items are scanned and passes and so on. Each step is calculated to create an overall amount of time the activity should take.

Connors Group designed and developed LaborPro by drawing on years of experience using multiple legacy labor standards systems and input from an advisory board of clients and industry practitioners. In addition, Connors Group’s decades of experience developing labor standards has allowed us to create the largest database of prebuilt labor standards in the industry. Almost any activity in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and service industry is already pre-configured in LaborPro. There is no need to start a labor standard from scratch, rather users simply search the pre-existing curated library and download the labor standard to their environment. From there it’s easy to adjust and modify to meet specific user needs.

One of the more impressive features of LaborPro is its ability to scale with businesses. Let’s say a grocery store has 100 locations with department activities already loaded into LaborPro and the owner decides to open a new store. With a few clicks the new store has its own labor model based off a similar existing store. Adding and removing departments is simple.

The true power of LaborPro comes when it’s integrated with a user’s current Workforce Management and Labor Management Systems, such as Kronos, Reflexis, Manhattan, JDA or Quinyx. Information kept in LaborPro can be sent either by an API or manually loaded into a user’s current scheduling software. If a labor standard is changed and uploaded to Kronos it allows the software to do the math and calculate an updated schedule.

Connors Group has a full team ready to assist you with your labor model needs. Customer service is a top priority for Connors Group. Feedback from customers is always welcomed and is collected right through the LaborPro user interface. When a ticket is submitted the team is ready to assist. In addition to a full customer service team, monthly release notes typically include data updates, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

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