LaborPro is a powerful, feature rich, engineered labor standards software system built for Retail, Distribution, and Manufacturing.

Connors Group designed and developed LaborPro by drawing upon years of  industry work across multiple systems and input from an advisory board of clients and industry practitioners.

Built on MOST methodology, LaborPro is an easy-to-use fast and reliable cloud based system, that gives users the ability to manage large, dynamic, and complex labor models.

Other features and Benefits of LaborPro:

  • Preconfigured master standards for Retail, Grocery, Distribution, Manufacturing and Service industries
  • Powerful, easy to use and flexible location profiling simplifies location-specific standards
  • Quickly apply standards to an entire retail chain or distribution network
  • Statistical approach ensures an accurate labor model by focusing on the work content that truly matters
  • Cloud or on premise implementations
  • Highly scalable and deployable
  • Ability to manage simple but ever changing labor models