LaborProTM is an easy-to-use, fast and reliable labor standards system that gives users the ability to manage large, dynamic, and complex labor models.

With its integration to all major Workforce Management Systems, LaborPro cuts labor standards development time by over 50%.

Why LaborProTM ?


A few simple clicks to create complex and dynamic labor models


Cut labor standard development time by over 50%


Cloud-based for access anywhere


Crisp solution that scales from single to unlimited sites


The industry’s most comprehensive database of preconfigured labor standards for Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Service industries.

Statistical approach ensures an accurate labor model by focusing on the work content that truly matters

Powerful, easy to use and flexible location profiling simplifies location-specific standards

Ability to manage simple but ever changing labor models

Quickly apply standards to an entire retail chain or distribution network

Ability to manage large, dynamic, and complex labor models

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