Managed Services

Connors Group can assume responsibility for managing your workforce management systems or labor standards, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Today, workforce leaders are under significant pressure to meet the organization’s performance, operational, and legal requirements while keeping costs down. Additionally, global economic factors and access to qualified human capital are ever-changing variables impacting your labor strategy. These conditions make a Managed Service model a viable solution for ongoing oversight and management of your labor force.

Connors Group Managed Services (MS) enable organizations to gain the expertise of a seasoned workforce management department with a more predictable cost model versus hiring independent contractors. We have the required processes, proven experience, and technology to manage your organization’s workforce in part or its entirety.

Labor Standards Maintenance Program

Connors Group is the industry leader in labor standards development.  Our vast team of Industrial Engineers can assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of your labor standards, ensuring they are always as accurate as possible and freeing your resources to focus on continuous improvement efforts.

WFM System Maintenance Program

Maintaining today’s WFM systems can be complicated, and most organizations struggle keeping up.  Connors Group’s team of WFM experts can take ownership of administrating your scheduling and time keeping platforms.  This ensures you’re generating accurate schedules each week and your time keeping polices are in compliance.

Labor Planning & Execution Outsourcing

Developing weekly and quarterly labor plans for your business is a critical process yet can be fraught with error and inefficiency for those without proper tools.  Connors Group team of labor planning experts has the tools and experience to ensure your labor planning process is done accurately and efficiently, freeing your resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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