The National Retail Federation’s 2024 expo was a dynamic event that unveiled the future trajectory of the retail industry. This summary captures the essence of the most impactful discussions, technological advancements, and other retail trends from NRF 2024. 

1. AI and Data – The Practical Shift: 

This year’s NRF saw AI and data analytics stepping from theory to practical application. Discussions focused on specific use cases of AI, moving beyond the overarching concept to its implementation in retail. The emphasis was building trust in AI models through solid data governance and certifications. The discussion around AI and machine learning was omnipresent, but scrutiny reveals a gap between claimed capabilities and actual AI implementation. While some vendors displayed advanced AI technologies, others only offered basic decision-based algorithms. 

2, Omnichannel and Unified Commerce  

A hot topic of discussion centered around the increasing necessity for efficient omnichannel distribution in eCommerce. Since 2020, Connors Group has been instrumental in assisting retailers to harmonize and coordinate their expansion into omnichannel models. This expertise drew significant attention as retailers are actively working to strengthen their distribution points and replenishment strategies. 

Simultaneously, the retail industry is witnessing a notable shift in focus from omnichannel to Unified Commerce. Unified Commerce is gaining traction as it aims to deliver a consistent customer experience across various channels and strongly emphasizes the integration and unification of customer data. This evolution represents a comprehensive approach, addressing customer interaction points and the backend processes that support them. The transition to Unified Commerce poses technological challenges and opportunities, offering a broader spectrum for enhancing retail operations. 

3. RFID’s Ascendancy: The growing focus on RFID over traditional hard tag security devices was clear. The integration of technologies from companies like Zebra, Avery Dennison , and Nedap is creating comprehensive RFID solutions that enhance customer experience, expense management, loss prevention, and inventory control. 

4. WFM and Emphasizing Employee-Centric Approaches: 

One of the most significant retail trends from NRF 2024 was the increased focus on the employee experience. Presentations highlighted how technologies like associate productivity and scheduling apps can improve employee autonomy, empowerment, and morale. This shift towards employee-centric strategies underlines the belief that happy employees lead to better customer experiences. Retailers show strong interest in Workforce Management and task management solutions, indicating ongoing demand and the need for implementation, training, and performance management to maximize ROI. 

5. The Real Value of Automation: 

Automation was a ubiquitous presence, reflecting its growing importance in retail. From manufacturing to in-store operations, the discussions revolved around the cost-effectiveness and efficiencies of automation despite the high initial investments.  

6. Shrink and Loss Management – A Critical Concern: 

Shrink and loss management was a recurring theme, reflecting the industry’s focus on minimizing losses through innovative solutions. Connors Group’s Shrink Leader, Craig Moyer, shared his insight on shrink and loss mitigation with many retailers. Discussions revolved around implementing process design, controls, and technology integration in effectively managing inventory and preventing losses. 

7, Instant Payment Solutions: A novel trend observed was the provision of instant payments for shifts worked, enhancing financial flexibility for retail associates. This instant gratification model could revolutionize payroll processes in retail. 


NRF 2024 has set the stage for a transformative year in retail, with technologies like RFID and AI reshaping the landscape. At Connors Group , our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating these technological advancements with the critical elements of people, place, and materials to drive positive business outcomes. Our approach ensures that transitioning into this new era is about adopting new technology and holistically transforming your business to thrive in a rapidly evolving retail environment. Let us guide you in taking the next step in your retail transformation journey, leveraging our deep understanding and experience to bring tangible, successful results. 

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