Operations Assessments

Connors Group’s tiered approach to assessing your operation will uncover solutions to drive improved efficiency, increased capacity and ultimately reduce costs for your warehouse or distribution center. Our team of supply chain experts can complete holistic, top-down assessments in approximately one week. We can build a custom and comprehensive roadmap for your facility or facilities in just a matter of weeks. 


Discovery Assessment

Timing: ~1 week
Identifies the “low-hanging fruit”
  • Benchmarking of Facility vs. Industry 
  • Facility Leadership Interviews 
  • Labor Management Program Assessment 
  • Assessment Report 
  • Recommended Next Steps 

Productivity Assessment

Timing: 1-2 weeks
Focus on labor optimization


  • Discovery Assessment +
  • Performance, Methods & Utilization Floor Observations 
  • Assessment Report 
  • Recommended Next Steps 

End-to-End Assessment

Timing: 3+ weeks
Realizing organizational and facility potential


  • Productivity Assessment + 
  • Layout, Space & Storage Analysis 
  • Data Profiling & Slotting Analysis 
  • Wage & Incentive Analysis 
  • Forecasting, Staffing and Shift Structure 
  • Warehouse Management System 
  • Automation & Technology 
  • Assessment Report 
  • Recommended Next Steps 
  • Implementation Roadmap (Short, Medium & Long Term) 

Why Conduct an Operations Assessment?

  1. Operations Evolution: In today’s dynamic supply chain landscape, more than focusing on quality day-to-day execution is needed. Leaders must find new ways to evolve and improve to stay competitive.

  2. Holistic Understanding: Our approach uncovers gaps, not just symptoms, in your operation. People, processes and technologies must work harmoniously for operational excellence.

  3. Workforce Efficiency: Identify underused or misallocated workforce areas in the facility. Evaluate and align Labor Management systems for improved output and staff alignment in each area of your operation.

  4. Maximize Productivity: Discover efficiency opportunities that can evolve your processes, systems and design by challenging the status quo.

  5. Roadmap for Operational Excellence: Define short-, medium- and long-term initiatives for continuous improvement.

The 3P's

Connors Group focuses its assessment on the 3 P’s of an operation: the People, the Process and the Physical design layout. Connors Group will challenge the mantra of “this is how we’ve always done things.”

The People

Labor is one of the most expensive areas of an operation, especially with rising wages. Our experts will assess your current labor management program, including an understanding of any performance or utilization gaps that may exist. Connors Group can also determine how volume and forecast information impact the ability to control and manage labor efficiently while setting up the proper staffing, shifts and support structure for success. 

The Process

Workflow and operating procedures define the best way to work and increase product throughput in the facility. Identifying improvements and ultimately reducing waste in the operation is a key area of focus. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a crucial enabler for driving an efficient operation while controlling and maintaining accurate inventory. Connors Group will identify ways to maximize warehouse flow utilizing lean methodologies to streamline the process with minor tweaks or broader configuration changes to the system. 

Physical Design & Layout

We will analyze your facility’s physical design, including the cube and space utilization, how things are stored, the equipment used to move products through the facility and any opportunities to introduce automation. Increasing capacity, improving space utilization, boosting productivity and driving increased throughput are vital areas for improvement by analyzing the physical design and layout. 

Contact Us

Connors Group offers a wide range of options when it comes to assessing your operation. A call with our team can help determine what approach is right for you. 

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