Pioneering Field Leadership Effectiveness

Retailers face relentless pressure to slash operating costs without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. For years, the focus has been on store labor, squeezing out gains through meticulous, continuous improvement. Yet, as these financial impacts diminish, it’s time to re-evaluate and invigorate your approach. That’s where Connors Group can help.

Our Proactive Approach: Define & Execute with Precision

Deploying a formidable team of trained consultants and engineers, our veteran retail operations leaders stand ready to create and navigate your strategic roadmap to field leadership effectiveness.

Clarifying Roles for Impactful Leadership

Over two decades of expertise reveal that enhancing role clarity is a universal lever for elevating field leadership efficacy.

From the Conference Room to the Frontline

Our job shadowing initiative takes us directly into the operational fray, providing an accurate look at your team’s real-world challenges and strengths.

Insights Powered by Data

We delve deep into data mining, creating models to extract actionable intelligence even where none exists.

A Legacy Rooted in Excellence

Our methodology is a testament to time-honored Industrial Engineering and Lean principles, all amplified through top-tier training.

Achieving Strategic Outcomes

Unlock the full spectrum of benefits with Connors Group’s Field Leadership Effectiveness solution, designed to catalyze cascading and sustainable advantages for your retail operations.

Our tailored approach reinforces your strategic vision and ensures enduring enhancements to your team’s productivity and business profitability.

Decrease Employee Turnover:
Cultivate a loyal workforce with strategies that promote job satisfaction and engagement.

Enhance Span of Control:
Refine managerial influence for more effective supervision and team productivity.

Streamline Processes:
Eliminate redundancies for a smoother, more efficient operational workflow.

Drive Sales Growth:
Unlock potential markets and increase revenue through targeted strategies.

Foster Career Progression:
Build clear paths for employee development and upward mobility.

Foster Continuous Improvement:
Implement a culture of perpetual enhancement for all business aspects.

Trim General and Administrative Expenses:
Reduce overhead costs to improve the bottom line.

A Team Built to Perform - for Your Business

Our Elite Team Composition

  • Senior Retail Executives with a Wealth of Experience

  • Seasoned Regional and District Field Leaders

  • Business Engineers Skilled in Lean and Productive Methodologies

See the Labor Model that others want to Model

Explore how Connors Group transformed the customer experience for one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, which was recently challenged with high turnover in the District Manager roles. See how our studies and work helped get a new model into operations and turned the tide.

Connors Group shrink management

Ready to redefine your retail leadership strategy?

Elevate your call center’s performance with Connors Group. Contact us now for a no-cost discussion of your current condition and objectives, and start on the path to operational excellence.