Productivity Consulting

Connors Group offers Productivity Consulting services that drive optimal labor output from your workforce and organizational assets without compromising quality and operational excellence. We do this by reevaluating existing processes using decades-long experience and proven methodologies.

At Connors Group, we have the relevant experience to help boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your workforce, labor models and operational processes. Using industry-standard tools and techniques, we deliver practical solutions that deliver the transformational results you seek.

Focus Areas

Operations Management

Our experience in operational best practices, process improvement, and work design provides cost reductions and productivity improvements. We develop flexible operations improvement approaches that best fit your needs and goals. 

Productivity Engineering

Unlocking the true potential of your workforce starts by understanding their current baseline productivity. We have a proven, engineered approach to assess productivity based on knowledge from leading productivity consulting experts.

Process Redesign & Improvement

Efficiency is core to running a productive operation. Understanding how the labor should work and product should move through your facility is part art and part science. Our productivity engineering teams have decades of experience optimizing workflow and generating positive throughput to improve your top and bottom lines.

Why Choose Us?

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Proven expertise and competence managing productivity optimization

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Detailed and practical implementation plans

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Experienced and highly qualified consultants

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Global standard management advisory services

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Responsive communication and client support system

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