At Connors Group, our tested productivity improvement methods, rooted in industrial engineering and lean principles, help your organization get more of the right things done with less waste. 

The overall focus of our productivity improvement work is to increase workforce performance by eliminating waste and focusing the workforce on customer-driven, value-added activities.

Connors Group consultants use a variety of tools to achieve this goal, including: Labor Productivity Assessments, Process and Operational Improvement techniques, Workforce Management tools, Engineered Labor Standards, Lean Manufacturing methods and Line Balancing.

Our expertise in each of these areas makes us uniquely qualified to draw upon the proper approach for your situation, and produce the results you expect – even when our engagement is over and your employees manage the programs.

Labor Productivity Assessment

Unlocking the true potential of your workforce starts by understanding their current baseline productivity. We have a proven, engineered approach to assess productivity from which we develop a detailed improvement roadmap that helps achieve high performance.

Process Improvement

Our experience in operational best practices, methods, and work design provide significant labor reductions while improving the work environment. We identify and prioritize key opportunities that can lead to kaizen pilots or full implementations.

Line Balancing

Whether a simple or complex assembly process, we understand the challenges and importance of getting the process and labor balance right. We work with clients to quantify and balance the labor demand, as well as remove bottlenecks, solve problems and achieve process improvement.

Workforce Management Strategy

From labor standards to payroll modeling, we help organizations develop and implement a comprehensive labor management strategy. Regardless of your payroll system and scheduling approach, we can help you optimize your labor budget and organizational structure to unleash a great customer experience.

Engineered Labor Standards

Connors Group focuses on your key business drivers, marrying them with our industry leading cloud-based software, LaborProTM. The outcome is accurate, best-in-class engineered labor standards rooted in industry best practices, but customized to your business.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing implementations fall short in waste elimination goals because Lean process and the discipline needed to succeed is misunderstood. Our consultants know Lean Manufacturing and classical Industrial Engineering techniques – a unique blend that helps create sustainable improvement.

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