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Reduce manufacturing costs and expenses with Connors Group consulting. Our services are designed to help you identify porous areas that attract excessive cost implications while also seeking negotiable alternatives so you can increase profit and revenue.

At Connors Group, we help organizations achieve an improved bottom line and increased ROI through waste reduction and cost minimization while enhancing employee and operational efficiency for business growth. Our goal is to provide the support that eliminates avenues for waste, restructures your processes and improves organizational systems.

Focus Areas

Process and Production Evaluation

There is no shortage of waste in contemporary manufacturing – the key is to use a process that works and that can be sustained. Our manufacturing consultants are experienced in both Lean Manufacturing and classical Industrial Engineering techniques – Connors Group will evaluate your current process and create a cost reduction strategy in manufacturing.

Cost Control & Reduction

The most successful manufacturing companies use labor standards. We use a combination of the latest technology and proven tools, including predetermined motion time systems, to develop engineered labor standards. We implement accurate, easily maintained standards, and labor reporting systems designed with cost savings techniques specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Resource Usage Monitoring

Developing weekly and quarterly labor plans for your business is a critical process yet can be fraught with error and inefficiency for those without proper tools.  Connors Group team of labor planning experts has the tools and experience to ensure your labor planning process is done accurately and efficiently, freeing your resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Proven expertise and competence managing manufacturing optimization

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Detailed and practical implementation plans

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Experienced and highly qualified consultants

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Global standard management advisory services

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