Connors Group provides people-centric consulting services that improve every aspect of retail operations.

We partner with our Retail clients to improve operational performance and drive top line sales.

Everything starts and ends with the customer, but how much do you really know about your customer’s experience? Understand more about your customer’s store experience than you ever thought possible with our unique, objective approach that turns insights into meaningful, fact-based customer experience models that promote your brand.

We also help you drive process improvement to shift labor from tasking to customer service and selling.  Our approach is people-centric, and focused on provide the data, systems, tools and training to allow store teams to succeed.

Labor Management

From labor standards to payroll modeling, we help retailers develop and implement a complete labor management strategy. Regardless of your payroll and scheduling approach, we help you maximize your labor budget with an optimal organizational structure.

Engineered Labor Standards

Connors Group combines a deep understanding of your business, the latest technology, and best-in-class tools and techniques to develop accurate, easily maintained, customized engineered labor standards designed to serve your unique business.

Operational Improvement

We develop flexible operations improvement approaches that best fit your needs and goals. Our work can lead to significant improvements in productivity and lifts in sales, by creating a consistent experience for employees and customers alike.

Customer Experience

We provide insights into how store team members are spending their time, how they’re interacting with customers and ways to improve both. We provide a detail analysis of how team members’ behaviors and interactions with customers impact time in-store, conversion rates, and units per transaction. Learn more.

Sales Productivity

We determine the right space allocation and inventory levels based on sales productivity, capacity modeling, supply chain and inventory analysis. We study customer flow and fixture productivity to optimize sales.

Store Design

We help clients maximize operational productivity with an engineered approach that reduces wasted motion and space.  We use empirical data from your stores to optimize backroom layouts, register counts, customer queues, and other non-selling store areas.

Operations Assessment

Unlocking the true potential of your retail workforce starts by understanding their current baseline productivity. We have a proven, engineered approach to assess store operations execution and productivity, from which we develop a detailed improvement roadmap that helps achieve high performance.

Employee Experience

An organization’s greatest asset is its people.  For a retailer to achieve peak performance, its employees need the proper tools, training, and support.  We help organizations implement the support structures today’s retail employees need, so they are empowered to provide a great experience to your customers.

eCommerce Optimization

Operationalizing an eCommerce offering can be challenging and costly.  From in-store pick-path optimization, to BOPIS process design, we help retailers ensure their eCommerce offering delivers a great customer experience, while also achieving peak productivity.

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