Revitalising Your Warehouse Operations with an Optimised WMS

When did you last review your replenishment configuration within your distribution centre (DC) operation?

The DC operational flow is a symphony of precision, each element moving in perfect harmony to ensure outbound orders are staged in full and on time. Achieving this precision is only possible with a well-configured and diligently maintained Warehouse Management System (WMS), the backbone of this orchestration.

Signs Your Replenishment Configuration Needs a Health Check:

  • Replenishments were requested and actioned for already-full-pick face locations.

  • Absence of first-in, first-out rotation at the pick-face locations.

  • Frequent replenishments are generated and completed for a single SKU each day.

  • Stock shortages at pick faces when needed by pickers.

  • Outbound staging lanes are congested with numerous small pallets for a single customer.

Root Causes of These Symptoms:

  • Relying on reactive SKU slotting over proactive approaches.

  • Inaccurate DC location data.

  • Incorrect SKU data is being used for slotting.

  • Manual manipulation of the WMS to achieve specific outcomes.


  • Incorrectly configured WMS that counteracts efficient DC operations.

  • Insufficient knowledge about WMS operations due to high staff turnover or inadequate training.

  • Your current WMS lacks advanced, world-leading functionalities.

Sub-optimal replenishment configurations can have a devastating effect on your DC operations, leading to reduced throughput, increased rework, excessive consolidation at the dock, and diminished first-pick availability. These inefficiencies not only inflate operational costs but also breed disengagement among DC associates. Swiftly addressing these issues is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and productivity of your DC operations.

At Connors Group, we deeply understand the challenges of enhancing distribution centre productivity. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to support and transform your warehouse operations. We deliver unmatched operational improvements through our consulting, training, and software expertise. Leveraging our best practices, we quickly identify, quantify, and prioritise critical opportunities for enhancing warehouse operations. Our services include:

  • LEAN Design & 5S implementation

  • Best practice identification

  • SOP documentation

  • Kaizen and continuous process improvement initiatives

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