Shrink Management

Connors Group offers a comprehensive Shrink Management solution designed to identify and evaluate shrinkage causes within your business and define a path to improvement.

As a leading management consultancy specializing in workforce performance and productivity improvement, we apply our expertise to implement initiatives that effectively eliminate or reduce loss exposures.

In today’s retail landscape, preventing and reducing shrink, including theft and other unknown losses, is crucial for a healthy bottom line. Connors Group’s holistic approach to shrink management services ensures that all areas of your business are addressed with a collaborative and shared accountability mindset. Our proven track record of operational improvement and productivity enhancement sets us apart across a diverse range of retail clients.

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Shrink Assessment

We review and evaluate loss exposures using a comprehensive four-wall approach. This involves hours of detailed observations, comprehensive data analytics, review of policies and procedures, and assessment of execution and compliance with established standards. By capturing a real-world snapshot of your current state, we can effectively identify and understand the sources of shrinkage and loss that impact your bottom line.

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Shrink Gap Analysis

To address loss exposures, vulnerabilities, and shortcomings, we conduct a comprehensive Shrink Gap Analysis. This analysis compares your practices and performance against industry-leading shrink benchmarks, revealing valuable insights and opportunities for evaluation and improvement.

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Development & Implementation of Shrink Improvement Plans

Drawing on our extensive industry experience, project management expertise, and proven methodologies in change management, we develop and implement tailored plans and programs to enhance your shrink performance. Our goal is to achieve long-term operational success in shrink reduction, ensuring sustainable growth for your business.

Free Gap Analysis of Your Current Shrink Condition

Connors Group is providing a free Gap Analysis comparing your loss measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) to industry data and trends.

This confidential data snapshot serves as an initial step toward identifying potential opportunities for improvement. Whether you provide a summary or detailed data analysis, we will compare your information to industry data and provide valuable insights to fuel your improvement initiatives.

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