Connors Group provides strategic consulting services that improve every aspect of your operations. We offer various levels of support to meet your budget, but our goal is always to improve operational performance.

Navigating today’s workforce management and operational challenges is as complex as ever.  Raising wage costs, supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages require organizations to rethink their entire operational strategy.

“On average, Connors Group has delivered a 7-14% increase in operational effectiveness.”

Connors Group leverages a proven, structured approach to analyze all aspects of your business and benchmark your operations against industry best-in-class.  The resulting output is an actionable strategic plan that encompasses all components of your business and is supported by a change management strategy that ensures buy-in from all stakeholders.

Workforce Management Strategy

From labor standards to payroll modeling, we help organizations develop and implement a comprehensive labor management strategy. Regardless of your payroll system and scheduling approach, we can help you optimize your labor budget and organizational structure to support a great customer experience.

Strategic Project Roadmapping

Connors Group projects include a strategic roadmap and implementation plan outlining priorities, timelines and dependencies. You will not wonder where the project stands—we want you to know when you’ll realize the benefits of operational excellence.

Operational Excellence

Our experience in operational best practices, process improvement, and work design provides cost reductions and consistent employee and customer experiences. We develop flexible operations improvement approaches that best fit your needs and goals.

Labor Productivity Assessment

Unlocking the true potential of your workforce starts by understanding their current baseline productivity. We have a proven, engineered approach to assess productivity from which we develop a detailed improvement roadmap that helps achieve high performance.

Change Management

Successfully implementing change is difficult and requires commitment and planning. Connors Group will work with your organization to develop the tools, key activities, resources and techniques that help ensure effective change in your organization.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing implementations fall short in waste elimination goals because Lean process and the discipline needed to succeed is misunderstood. Our consultants know Lean Manufacturing and classical Industrial Engineering techniques – a unique blend that helps create sustainable improvement.

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