Supply Chain

We specialize in optimizing distribution center productivity through a holistic combination of Consulting, Training, and Software to drive unparalleled operational improvements.

Distribution performance improvements require equal focus on both the workforce and facility itself. Both employees and the design of your facility have to work in harmony to ensure optimal efficiency. Connors Group provides services that improve both employee performance and optimize the design of your facility.

To improve workforce productivity we offer training, labor management and engineered labor standards consulting.

To improve facility performance, we employ facility design, process optimization and workflow design. We are attune to the effects of one on the other, and use the proper tools and techniques to maximize the opportunity for improvement in both.

Engineered Labor Standards

We are the worldwide leader in developing Engineered Labor Standards. We leverage our cloud-based software, LaborPro™, to develop standards that are accurate, maintainable and serve as the foundation for your continuous improvement and labor management programs. Learn more.

Labor Management

Labor Management programs are essential to create a high-performance work environment, improve morale and engage your workforce. Implementing Labor Management correctly requires the unique combination of deep technical expertise plus the leadership to create cultural transformation through a people-centric approach. We involve all levels of the organization; from the hourly associates to supervisors and executives. Learn more.

Wage and Incentive Design

Our incentive design principles are rooted in decades of knowledge and experience that provides a win-win for both the company and employee. We know when to install incentives to maximize productivity gains and how to fix underperforming incentive plans. Most importantly, we understand the people and cultural impact of wage and pay system designs.

Distribution Flow Design

Understanding how product should move through a distribution center is part art and part science. Our experts have decades of experience optimizing distribution flow and maximizing throughput. Services include: waving optimization, value stream mapping, simulation and throughput analysis.

Facility Design

From greenfield sites to retrofits, we design efficiency into distribution and fulfillment operations to ensure you consistently meet customer demands. Services include: facility and fulfillment design, eCom optimization, slotting design, and material handling engineering and automation.

Process Optimization

Our operational best practices experience allows us to quickly identify, quantify and prioritize key opportunities for warehouse operations. Services include: LEAN Design & 5S implementation, best practices identification and SOP documentation, as well as Kaizen and process improvement.

Supply Chain & Distribution Alliances

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