Third Party Logistics

Connors Group understands the intricacies of the 3PL industry. Our best-in-class solutions will enhance every aspect of your operation, including solution design, pricing strategies, contract negotiations, 3PL selection, implementation and seamless state operations. 

Outsourcing operations to a 3PL provider goes beyond mere cost reduction. A successful partnership thrives when there is mutual value. At Connors Group, our services cater to 3PL providers and their customers. Our comprehensive offerings include 3PL selection, solution design, contract negotiation, startup, implementation, optimization and facility design.

To boost the performance and workforce productivity of a 3PL operation, we customize and streamline labor-management programs, ensuring alignment with customer contracts for ease of implementation and instant value. We also target expansive improvements for the long run. Our team boasts in-house Industrial Engineers with vast 3PL experience nurturing enduring and fruitful customer/3PL associations.

When there’s tension or challenges between the customer and 3PL provider, we deploy strategies to analyze the relationship, bridge contractual gaps and present data-backed recommendations – creating a positive outcome for both entities.
3Pl customer relationship management to benefit distribution and the supply chain.
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Labor Management Strategy

Our state-of-the-art LaborPro™ software and a comprehensive database of industry benchmarks allow Connors Group to swiftly craft labor and productivity standards. These form the cornerstone of a successful labor management program strategy, ensuring the evolution and growth of your labor initiatives across all 3PL business phases. 

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Labor Management System Implementation & Maintenance

Connors Group specializes in selecting, designing and implementing Labor Management Systems that drive productivity and efficiency. We have extensive experience with all the major software solutions to drive the maximum value of your software investment.  

Solutions & Startup Support

Starting on the right foot of a 3PL/customer relationship is a recipe for long-term success. Connors is here to help. We recognize the critical nature of precise pricing, solution design and implementation. Our team of experts offers the essential technical backing to help start and sustain an effective 3PL operation.  

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Operational Excellence Assessment & Optimization

At Connors Group, we combine industry insight, benchmarking, staff interviews and meticulous on-site evaluations to formulate a thorough list of actionable best-practice recommendations. Our team has a proven track record of elevating operational standards. If you’re seeking a fresh vantage point, we’re ready. 

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Efficient Facility Design

Whether you cater to greenfield sites, brownfield sites or spec buildings, we infuse efficiency into distribution and fulfillment operations – ensuring you consistently deliver on customer expectations. Our team is experienced in facility design, eCom optimization, slotting design, cutting-edge material handling systems and automation.
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Expert Staff Augmentation

The staffing requirements of every 3PL business is unique and continually evolving. Connors Group’s seasoned team of professionals is ready to supplement your staff in roles ranging from site management to specialized engineering.
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Complete Contract & Scope Analysis

Are you worried about discrepancies between agreed terms and actuals? Connors Group can diligently analyze operational deviations from contracts, quantifying their implications. As an impartial entity, we offer fact-based insights and practical recommendations for productivity and identify necessary rate adjustments between involved parties.

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Comprehensive 3PL Selection Evaluation

Opting for a 3PL signifies a long-term strategic partnership. Our extensive industry benchmark database aids bid evaluation, enabling headcount assessment and solution comparison. We will guide you in selecting the ideal 3PL for your organization, also assisting in defining the guiding principles of the ensuing partnership.
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Thorough 3PL Assessments

Connors Group is adept at evaluating an existing 3PL’s performance, ensuring you derive optimal value from the contract. Our holistic appraisals will reveal current service and productivity levels, determine the impact of outside factors on their performance and identify opportunities in the layout, systems, and processes. Our team will help you ascertain your 3PL partner’s commitment to future operational enhancements.

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