UKG Aspire Conference Takeaways

This past week several members of the Connors Group team attended UKG Aspire.  The event hit record-breaking attendance, with 5,000 in-person attendees and another 2,000 tuning in online. Not only was the expo hall filled with vendors from all areas of workforce management, but the offering of educational sessions was a huge success. Many sessions focused on UKG as a complete human capital company and a “full suite” application focused on people. It brought home the “our purpose is people” UKG slogan. 

UKG announced several new acquisitions, including the Best Places to Work brand and Quorbit. Best Places to Work will give employers insights into serving their people best. It will provide valuable guidance, intelligence, and predictions on how their people will respond. For example, imagine an employer having the intelligence to know about the great resignation before it happened and the tools to mitigate it. Quorbit is a capacity planning, budgeting, and scenario planning middleware application.  Key features Quorbit can bring is an enhanced connection between LaborPro and workforce management systems.

Common discussions throughout the event included the ongoing concern about the labor market and how to navigate it. In addition, a leading topic was attracting employees and managing and retaining labor in this dynamic time. 

However, the hottest topic of the event revolved around the retirement of UKG Workforce Central and Kronos Private Cloud and determining the path forward. A big focus is making a decision quickly and being mindful of the time and resources it will take to migrate and implement a complete solution.  KPC will be retired on December 31, 2025, and on-premise Workforce Central customers will be retired on March 31, 2027. This announcement provides the time and opportunity for customers to migrate to UKG Dimensions.  

Connors Group is happy to share our experience and expertise with UKG’s solutions to make your migration to UKG Dimensions seamless and efficient. We can assist with migration and implementation services, digital transformation support, staff augmentation, and consulting.  

Connors Group is ready to assess your Workforce Central and Kronos Private Cloud systems and migration options to UKG’s more modern solutions. Send us a message through LinkedIn, visit us at or call (800) 813 – 7028 today to discuss your UKG migration options.