Elevating the Customer Checkout Experience





Introduction & Abstract

Connors Group was brought in to assess the distribution center productivity, team member safety, working environments and service levels to retail stores and e-commerce customers of a national sporting goods, outdoor equipment and apparel retailer. Following the assessment, Connors Group issued a series of recommended improvements.

Connors Group’s reputation for successfully optimizing distribution centers for other retailers, and their expertise in Workforce Management is what led the sporting goods retailer to choose them.

Following a two-day, on-site assessment, the client came away with a series of actionable short-term adjustments to trial, refine and implement. They were also provided with mid-to-long-term recommendations for future-state planning. Combined, these recommendations will help the client operate more efficiently and more safely, benefitting team members and the bottom-line performance.

About the Client

Wegmans is a growing regional supermarket chain with over 110 stores located along the east coast. The family company, recognized as an industry leader and innovator, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. 

Wegmans has been named one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ by FORTUNE magazine now 27 years and #6 in 2024.

The Challenge

Wegmans, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and service, has collaborated with leading business engineering consultancy Connors Group to transform the customer checkout experience for their recently opened Manhattan location. The store posed unique challenges, mainly limited space and high customer counts. 

Competitor benchmark data showed that grocery customers in Manhattan were experiencing long lines at the check-out, well above industry standards. Wegmans set a new goal to create the best check-out experience in Manhattan.

Wegmans + Connors Group Come Together

The initiative between Wegmans and Connors Group is a collaboration and highlight of a top-tier strategic partnership in the Grocery industry. Wegmans chose to take a strong customer-centric approach, applying Industrial Engineering principles in new contexts – which led to some remarkable improvements in customer loyalty and around operational excellence.

Solution Summary

Forecasting Transactions

Connors Group partnered with Wegmans planning teams to develop a profile of the Manhattan customer and their shopping patterns. The profile was developed utilizing customer journey studies, internal and external benchmarks, and focus groups.

Leveraging Discrete Event Simulation

Connors Group aided Wegmans in developing advanced discrete event simulation scenarios, which enabled Wegmans to increase customer flow through checkout lanes. This approach optimized the front-end requirements within the available space.

Real World Simulations

Wegmans and Connors Group performed full scale “dress rehearsals” with proposed layouts mocked up to scale. Wegmans employees acted as customers arriving at projected volume levels throughout the day. This approach provided further confidence to the operations team in the design and allowed the team to iterate on ways to operate the front end which unlocked key staffing insights.

Impact & Outcomes

engineered labor standards software

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

This joint effort has resulted in a marked increase in customer satisfaction, with shoppers enjoying greater convenience and a faster checkout experience compared to other stores in Manhattan. The majority of customers are not required to wait in line, which has resulted in overwhelm- ingly positive feedback.

industrial engineering consulting

Increase Employee Morale

The redesigned checkout process, primarily driven by Wegmans, has also positively influenced employee morale. The design enables staff to quickly react to changes in volume and serve the needs of the customer. This further reflects the successful integration of innovative practices into the workplace.

Seeing Results

For the most accurate view of the impact the observational study and the subsequent recommendations made for the large sporting goods, outdoor equipment and apparel retailer’s distribution center, we can go straight to the source.

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What Can Connors Group Improve for You?

If your company is looking to conduct a similar assessment of workplace operations, Connors Group’s team of experts can cater a plan to your needs. They offer personalized, professional service—including productivity improvement consultation, system implementation, engineered labor standards software and workforce training, among other services, to companies of all shapes, sizes and types.

Along with sharp observation of comprehensive processes and practices, Connors Group can provide the means to implement the necessary changes—essentially adding further efficiency to process improvements on any scale.

If you’re interested in a customized improvement plan for your company contact Connors Group today.