Workforce Management Consulting

At Connors Group, our goal is to help our clients improve the performance and productivity of their teams by providing solutions that reduce waste, simplify operational processes, increase efficiency, boost profit, and improve employee satisfaction.

Our WFM Consulting service helps you get more value from your workforce. We simplify labor management and optimization processes by assessing your organization’s current tools, technologies, labor models and workflows to promote a more efficient, productive, and successful workforce.

Focus Areas

Workforce Management Optimization

OPTIMIZETM trains participants to understand and use engineered labor standards as a tool for managing performance. In this interactive training program, participants learn from workforce management experts to evaluate conditions needed for workers’ success, using visual strategies to guide, correct, evaluate and motivate error-free performance.

Workforce Management Implementation

Connors Group is a leader in implementing and upgrading all of today’s Workforce Management Systems.  Our decades of experience leading system implementations, coupled with our unmatched industry experience, help you maximize the effectiveness of these solutions, while staying in compliance with today’s rapidly changing labor laws.

Resource Management Workplace Productivity

Our global leaders in Workforce Management services can assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of your labor standards, ensuring they are always as accurate as possible and freeing your resources to focus on continuous improvement efforts.

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Global standard management advisory services

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