It’s Time to Complete an Operations Assessment – When & Why It’s the Right Choice

Warehousing and distribution operations face constant pressures from the market to perform – whether it’s trending up or down. The industry has seen rapid change especially in the last few years; Labor costs are up over 30%, 60% more warehousing jobs are needed, fuel costs are up 50%, and industrial real estate costs are up 30%. With e-commerce growth continuing and the challenging macro-economic situation across the globe, the only constant for the supply chain industry will be change. Execution of your supply chain strategy hinges on being able to adapt and evolve your operation in conjunction with these market pressures.

Is Automation or Technology the Only Way to Improve Productivity?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the pressure to increase productivity without expanding headcount is a pervasive challenge across industries. Connors Group stands at the forefront of addressing this challenge, merging innovative solutions with a deep understanding of the workforce, facilities, and materials involved.

MODEX 2024 Insights & Observations

MODEX 2024 Insights & Observations Last week, MODEX 2024 MODEX 2024 unfolded in Atlanta, a monumental gathering for supply chain professionals worldwide to converge and explore the forefront of supply chain management technology and innovation. For Connors Group, a leader at the juncture of technology, innovation, and the seamless orchestration of people, facilities, and materials, […]

Optimizing Supply Chain Success: The Imperative of Consistency and Standardization in Managing Multiple 3PL Partners

As companies grow and their networks become more complex, developing a strategic approach that leverages the services of multiple third-party logistics (3PL) providers becomes increasingly essential. This is particularly true for large enterprises in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food/Beverage industries, which often rely on multiple 3PL partners to minimize risk and encourage healthy competition. However, managing multiple providers can be challenging, and the biggest question is how to ensure that each provider is treated fairly and managed accurately. This blog explores the challenges of managing multiple 3PLs. It provides strategies for creating a level playing field that promotes fair and accurate oversight for all parties while fostering a strong collaborative partnership to optimize operations.